Packed Away, Off to Vegas

In San Diego Dave drove the truck and trailer onto the exhibit floor so for the first time I had a chance to take pictures of it all being packed away.  The picture on the trailer is of the NFFF memorial in Emmitsburg, MD.

We had far more helpers than show up in these pictures.  The paintings are in these wooden crates.  They’re first into the trailer and get strapped to the side walls.

That’s Billy between the two painting crates in the next pic.  He and Dave are about to spend the next six hours driving the trailer to Vegas…

in time to catch a 6am flight back to Maryland.

There’s a lot more than the paintings that have to fit in, however.  The title kiosk and display wall break down into three more wooden crates plus two more medium-sized and two large black containers, and the computer kiosks each have a black trunk on wheels.

And finally, the NFFF usually has its own display at these shows and those containers fill up most of the rest of the trailer.

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