Lt. Geoffrey Guja

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Lt. Geoffrey Guja, 47, had worked with Long Island Lighting for 15 tears before he joined the FDNY. By 2001, 13 years into being a firefighter, he was also a registered nurse who worked part time at Mercy Hospital. On 9/11 he was assigned to light duty in the FDNY Medical Office in HQ in Brooklyn while he was rehabbing an injury. From HQ they had a perfect view across the East River of the fires in the Tower. Guja hopped the subway to Lower Manhattan. He grabbed gear at 10 House and started towards West Street to find the Command Post.

Speaking of how much she missed him, one of Guja’s stepdaughters said the following: “He was a fireman, and all firemen are crazy. They do nothing normal. Wherever we’d go, we’d always be the family that stuck out, the loudest, the ones that got noticed. Now we’re the same as every other family and the world is so much quieter now.”

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