Firefighter Salvatore Calabro

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Salvatore Calabro, 38, had just finished his shift that Tuesday morning, but rode in heavy with the six others. This 14-year veteran had been with Ladder 101 his entire career and was the senior man on the truck. He’d trained all the firefighters. Their firehouse was affectionately called Sal’s House. “They said he was the heart and soul of Ladder 101,” said his wife.

He was also a professional diamond setter and jewelry designer before being appointed to the FDNY but from the time he was a child, his dream was to be a firefighter. 
A weight lifter, Calabro also played softball, football and hockey, including with Department teams.
He had two young boys, 4 and 2. He had met his wife when they were both teenagers working in the same supermarket. Their 12th wedding anniversary was on September 15th.

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