Firefighter Ronnie Henderson

147 Henderson fb

There were 17 marines in the FDNY who died on 9/11 and Ronnie Henderson, 52, was one of them. A marine for 12 years, then 8 years in the National Guard, his service ranged from Vietnam through the first Gulf War. 
This father of four also worked briefly as a longshoreman before he became a firefighter. His more than 22 years with the FDNY were all spent with E279/L131.

If he was reading in the firehouse it was likely to be a book that had something about making money in it’s title. Since he was a young man helping to raise his five younger siblings, he was frugal and a saver. As a fireman he bought bonds and mutual funds with some of his earnings. Living up the Hudson River in Newburgh with his family, Henderson knew all the travel routes that would save toll fees.

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