Firefighter Michael Weinberg

334 Weinberg fb

Firefighter Michael Weinberg of Engine 1 was off-duty waiting for his tee time in Forest Park, Queens, when he saw that the first plane hit. He raced to his firehouse in time to travel down with Capt. Daniel Brethel and Father Mychal Judge. His sister who worked on the 72nd floor of the South Tower had already evacuated and watched the tower fall from the safety of the Brooklyn Bridge. On site, Michael dove under a fire truck for protection and didn’t survive. His was one of the first bodies found. “He loved to help people,” his sister said. A firefighter since 1994, Michael had played baseball for St. John’s in college, (being awarded MVP of the Big East Conference in 1988), then minor league for the Detroit Tigers for 2 years until sidelined by injuries. He was a part-time model and volunteered at the NY Burn Center.

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