Firefighter John Vigiano II

326 Vigiano fb

John Vigiano II, 36, was from one of the four sets of FDNY brothers who lost his life on 9/11. His brother, two years younger and very close to him was an NYPD detective. They both responded to the attack at the WTC. Both lost their lives there. Their father, a retired FDNY captain, was one of the Band of FDNY Fathers who went to Ground Zero every day for months and months, hoping to help find their sons. Joseph responded to the North Tower and his remains were eventually found. John responded with Ladder 132 to the South Tower and was never found.

John Vigiano had two young daughters, aged 6 & 3. He was the chauffeur for L132 and reportedly loved driving the truck. He was a great hockey player and would sometimes rent out the whole rink just for family & friends.

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