Firefighter Dennis Scauso

297 Scauso fb

Dennis Scauso, 46, had flown as a commercial pilot before joining the FDNY. That morning he chauffeured the first “piece” Haz-Mat took to the WTC. They arrived 18 minutes after the first strike and parked by Rescue One on West Street.

Friends remembered him as “spirited, passionate, and generous” with a reputation for going to any length to help whoever needed it. If he found an injured animal, he would rescue it.

Scauso married the girl next door but not before they had each grown up and moved away. It was back at their parents’ homes where they met again and fell in love. Above all else, Scauso was devoted to his wife and his four children.

A few months after 9/11, his helmet was found, mangled and crushed.

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