Firefighter Dennis Carey

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Dennis Carey, 51, was a terrific chef. Both his firefighter brothers and family benefited from his culinary skills. He was always trying new recipes and had every issue of “Bon Appetit” from the past 15 years. Thanksgiving was his day. He handled the turkey, the stuffing, the apple pies and maybe even an Italian specialty or two to please his wife’s family.

There were four members of Haz-Mat Co. 1 who were scheduled to have their FDNY physicals that morning at HQ in Brooklyn. Carey was one of these who drove to the site in a Chief’s car, gathering equipment on the way.

This 20-year veteran had been planning to retire in January. He and his wife had begun dreaming of travel: 3 months in Aruba, another month in Europe. Their two children were grown and living on their own.

His body was found in a stairwell in the North Tower along with 15 colleagues on October 2nd.

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