Firefighter Brian Cannizzaro

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Brian Cannizzaro, 30, had a reputation for doing things large. When he proposed, he arranged for the prince in Beauty and the Beast to do it for him at the end of the performance. With the audience still in their seats and Cannizzaro and his bride in the front row, the prince called them out and made the proposal while Cannizzaro dropped to one knee and offered the ring. She said yes. The theater burst into applause. His wife said “it was the most magical, amazing night.”

This 2-year FDNY veteran followed in the footsteps of a father who had spent 32 years on the job before he retired. Cannizzaro even took his badge number. That badge has now passed on one more time to a brother who joined the FDNY after 9/11.

Cannizzaro was found on 11/11/01 alongside McShane and Kennedy.

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