Capt. Terrance Hatton

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Captain Terence Hatton was already a legend at the age of 41. This tall 20-year FDNY vet had received almost a medal or citation for every year of service. When he married, Mayor Guiliani officiated. His bride was the Mayor’s executive assistant. At his funeral, the Mayor delivered the eulogy.
Rescue 1 is a legendary company within the FDNY, averaging about 10 calls a day – astronomical for almost any other department anywhere. 
Yet somehow, Hatton also managed to take his team into buildings around Manhattan when there was no fire – just so they would know the buildings and be able to respond better – like knowing about the sub-basement dressing rooms for some of the Broadway theaters. Maybe this is partly why his nickname around the firehouse was Man-Hattan.Rescue 1 was dispatched early on 9/11 and Captain Hatton led his team up the stairs of Tower One before the second plane hit. Just before they began that ascent, he ran into his best friend Tim Brown in the lobby. They hugged, & kissed each other on the cheek. Hatton told Tim “I love you brother. This might be the last time I see you.”
What Hatton didn’t know, and I’m not sure his wife even knew yet, was that there was another Terry Hatton in the making due to come into the world the next May. Boy or girl, the baby would be named Terry.


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