Capt. Louis Modafferi

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Captain Louis Modafferi was awaiting assignment as a Battalion Chief, a promotion he had already earned but would not be formally presented until his funeral in October. On 9/11 he was one of five members of Rescue 5 who were supposed to be off duty but rode in to the World Trade Center anyway.
“He was one of the best captains I ever worked with,” Lt. Robert Dimperio said. “The way he handled people, there was no distinction between a fireman and a chief of department. He always treated you with respect.”
Modafferi was steadily promoted over an impeccable 19-year career with the FDNY. Trained in scuba rescue and handling hazardous materials, he was more than once called by FEMA for overseas rescues following hurricane devastation.

As devoted to his family as to his firefighters and his career, Modafferi left behind three children. His daughter (his “princess”) had just begun her freshman year at college the month before.

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