Belatedly Colorado Springs

I was so busy on my recent trip with the paintings to Colorado Springs that I hardly had time to think much less post pictures.  And on opening day, I was largely without a camera.  Now I know there are pics on the way that I will post soon (thanks to Steve Schopper of the Colorado Springs Fire Department).  Meanwhile, Steve sent this picture of the ribbon cutting with Governor John Hickenlooper, Mayor Steve Bach and Fire Chief Rich Brown :

Two days before the openingI needed five stitches removed from the bridge of my nose (after a tumble down some stairs) and was helped by Jesse Kruckeberg, an EMT with the Colorado Springs department.  (Hope I got that right.)  He did a great job, thanks!


I also was honored to get a tour from Deputy Chief Tommy Smith of the  fire zone from this summer’s devastating fire.  Others have taken far better pictures than I.  There was no vantage from which you see the whole fire zone.  The completely burned was sometimes just feet away from the unburned.  Elegant stairs led to the front door of a house no longer there.  To my untrained eyes it looked like a fast-moving fire for all the recognizable things it left behind in its wake: the shells of old appliances, a dresser here, something else ordinary there.  These men and women, my hosts certainly had their hands full this summer.

More pictures soon when I get them and thank you again to everyone in Colorado Springs who made this happen.

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