Back in the Crates, Off to Texas

CPSE is over and done.  It took us about two and a half hours to break down the exhibit and pack it back into its crates and into the trailer for the trip to San Angelo, Texas.  It should arrive at Goodfellow Air Force Base sometime today.  It will stay in storage until the first of May when it will go on display at the San Angelo Museum of Fine Art.  Thanks to Joe and his wife Jesse, our Air Force volunteers who are driving the exhibit south as I write.  (Wish I’d been clever enough to take their pictures in Vegas.)

Here are two of the painting panels in their crates.  These crates then go into one of two larger crates.  The inner crates have held up very well and the paintings seem to travel happily.  They are always packed and handled in a vertical position.  The most fragile thing about the paintings and the aspect that needs to be most protected is the delicate charcoal edges on the burned blocks of wood.

343 is divisible only by seven. 343 = 7 x 7 x 7.  So BETTER ANGELS is put together by seven different panels of 49 paintings.  For travel, each goes into its own painting crate which are then fit into one of two larger crates along with the acrylic covers that protect the paintings when they are on display.

Once again we had help from the North Las Vegas Fire, Bill Hinton, Joe from the Air Force and – this time – Ron Siarnicki, the Executive Director of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.

Thanks to the Center for Public Safety Excellence who brought BETTER ANGELS to Vegas and were as gracious and helpful as they could be.  I met fire chiefs and firefighters from around the country this last week, all of whom were there to learn how to do their jobs better, more safely and more effectively.

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