B.C. Joseph Marchbanks, Jr.

196 Marchbanks fb

Fred Scheffold was going off duty and Joseph Marchbanks, Jr. was coming on to relieve him the morning of September 11th. Instead, both Battalion Chiefs traveled together to the WTC to lend their expertise to the rescue efforts.

Joseph Marchbanks, Jr. of Battalion 12 in East Harlem was 47 and had a twin brother. He was a 22-year veteran of the FDNY who was always happy to tutor others when they were preparing for promotions exams. He also coached his 13-year-old daughter’s softball team and never missed a soccer or baseball game is 8-year-old son played.

At the beginning of his career Marchbanks took the tests for the FDNY and the NYPD. Both departments came back with offers on the same day. He chose a career as a firefighter and never looked back.

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